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Custom Kitchens: San Mateo

Your kitchen must be an inviting, functional space where your family and friends can gather, create and share a meal at the same time. Do you imagine contemporary cabinetry accompanied by a well-equipped island with a quality range of durable granite? Our custom kitchen remodeling service can turn your vision into reality! 

You may have various reasons for wanting to remodel your kitchen. You may like it to be a gathering place for your family and friends. You may need it to become more efficient to accommodate your hectic lifestyle. Or you may like to upgrade it to make your home appealing to a potential buyer.

At Cal Green Remodeling, we are a reliable business with many years of experience in making custom kitchens. We know that everybody has their vision of the perfect kitchen. That’s why our contractors work closely with local designers and with you to make and execute the perfect space for your needs.

Fully insured and licensed, we provide you with our complete attention to each intricate detail. We also use only the highest quality of materials to finish your project.

To begin the design process of your custom kitchens or to learn more about how our team can be of service today, call us at 239-673-2879 or contact us online.